Flentpiken 1242m, 28/10 2012
Skurvenatten 1168m

Flentpiken, as it looks from the road north of Haglebu. It's a bit cold, 14 degrees below zero when I start walking. But the snow is a little harder than yesterday, making it easier to walk. I park at the same place as yesterday, on 880m altitude. (larger picture)


First it's about 1km walk on normal road, up to the last houses of Flatvollen, on 950m altitude. (larger picture)

A look to the south from Flatvollen, towards Bergshammaren 1263m. (larger picture)

Half an hour later, now on 1100m. Fairly easy walk the last 140 altitude meters to the summit. (larger picture)

In the other direction is Skurvenatten, 1168m. (larger picture)
The summit cairn of Flentpiken, reached after a little more than one hour from the car. Interesting that the summit cairn is placed on top of what seems to be a megalith. (larger picture)

North from the summit is the lake Piktjernet, on a high mountain area. (larger picture)
Inzooming the peaks of Rondane, to the northeast, about 200km away. (larger picture)
Straight to the north, the peaks around Hemsedal. Skogshorn 1728m, with its steep south wall a bit to the right. (larger picture)
To the south, the area around Haglebu. (larger picture)
The lake Helgesetvatnet to the east. (larger picture)
Another zoom, towards Gausta peak 1882m, 80km to the southwest. (larger picture)
On the way down I take the time to climb Skurvenatten as well, since it's there. Here is Flentpiken to the right, and Bergshammaren to the left. All the activities of the weekend in one picture. (larger picture)
Another picture of Helgesetvatnet, now from the summit of Skurvenatten. (larger picture)