Bergshammaren 1263m, 27/10 2012

As you approach Haglebu from the south two peaks are prominent; Haglebunatten and Bergshammaren. Here is Bergshammaren with the village Haglebu in the foreground. (larger picture)


It's easiest to park just north of Haglebu and climb the mountain from the north. Here, on 880m altitude the winter has begun. It's snow and below zero. I pass through the forest to the right in the picture. (larger picture)

I've just reached the tree limit, on a little more than 1000m altitude. The road north towards Hallingdal in the middle of the picture. The lake Helgesetvatnet can be seen behind.

It' a bit difficult to walk, the snow crust is hard but not hard enough. (larger picture)

Straight to the north is Flentpiken 1242m. (larger picture)

The final climb to the summit is flatter and easier to walk, since the snow is harder here. A snowcovered Norefjell can be seen in the background. (larger picture)
Gausta peak, 1882m, rises far in the background. Closer and to the left is Haglebunatten 1268m. (larger picture)

The same area, now outzoomed. (larger picture)
To the south is Haglebu, where I have rented a small cabin for the night. (larger picture)
Another picture to the north, with the lake Helgesetvatnet closest. (larger picture)