Såta 1257m, 3/6 2012

Såta seen from the starting point at 920m. This peak is quite accessible, with only 300+ altitude meters to go. However, that's fine with us, since we still have yesterdays hike in our legs. (larger picture)


A nice looking waterfall, just a short bit up the path. (larger picture)

A little further up, on 1000m altitude the birch forest is sparse, and the alpine world opens up ahead. Unfortunately the visibility decreases because of incoming snow. (larger picture)

The lake Såtetjerne at 1069m. Behind is Skurvefjellet. (larger picture)

Only 170 altitude meters left to go. Dante climbs in light snowfall. (larger picture)

The summit cairn on Såta, 1257m. Nibbi is seen through the snow in the background. (larger picture)
Being easily accessible, Såta is a peak that gives a lot back with litte effort. The alpine world of Hemsedal is close all around. Here is Skurvefjellet, 1741m. (larger picture)