Hydalsberget 1775m, 2/6 2012

The weather may be a bit cold for the season, as we park the car at Vabuleino, on the north side of the lake Vavatn, at 1150m. The slopes up to Hydalsberget are seen to the right. (larger picture)


Just a bit further up we find this wall of snow, 6-8m high. (larger picture)

The lake Vavatn, seen from1350m altitude, is still frozen. When I was here almost exactly one year ago there was no ice. The car can barely be seen a little to the right of the middle. (at 4 o'clock) (larger picture)

At the first summit, Hydalsberget v 1740m, after a little more than 1,5h. A view to the south. (larger picture)

Dante is heading for the main summit. The summit cairn is visible up to the right. (larger picture)

Almost at the main summit. A snow shower is passing. (Doesn't it look a bit cold and windy?) (larger picture)
At the main summit, 1775m. The weather is grim right now, with snow, hard winds and temperatures well below zero. Hard to imagine it's the 2/6. But, we are prepared, we have warm clothes. (larger picture)

It is beautiful up here. A view to the southwest, with Vavatn in the middle. (larger picture)

To the north we can see Ranastongi, 1900m. (larger pictures)

Only a short bit from the main summit is the viewpoint Steinbunøse, 1760m. Here is a vertical picture to the bottom of the valley Hydalen, almost 900 altitude meters below. This could be the "high point" of the hike, if the expression is allowed... (larger picture)
Hydalen to the east, with the lake Sør Hydalsvatnet in the middle. (larger picture)

More to the northwest, Ranastongnøse. (larger picture)
Hydalen in the other direction, to the west. Vavatn can be seen behind the mountain. (larger picture)
Going back towards the main summit. (larger picture)
A view towards Ranastongi, between Steinbunøse and the main summit. (larger picture)