Glittertind 2465m, 27/6 2012

Time for a new visit to Spiterstulen in Jotunheimen, this time accompanied by Peter and Dante. The buildings, here in the background, are at 1100m altitude in Visdalen. We have parked a bit away, where the 10km long trail up to Glittertind begins. In the background is Styggehøe, 2200m. (Larger picture)


Another picture towards Spiterstulen, now from 1200m altitude. The slopes leading up towards Galdhøpiggen can be seen to the right. (Larger picture)

After a diagonal ascent of 300+ altitude meters, Glittertind turns up ahead. Here it's a bit to the left, from 1475m. The trail now gets fairly flat, for about 3km to the actual mountain. (Larger picture)

A larger mountain brook must be passed here, demanding some planning. From here we can see Galdhøpiggen, 2469m, to the west. (Larger picture)

Time for the first real brake, on 1600m+, before taking on the actual mountain. We have walked for more than 2 hours now. (Larger picture)

This is what's coming. A 400a.m. really steep slope, through the snocovered area in middle of the picture. The staff in Spiterstulen told us that the snow is difficult to walk now. And there is a lot of snow this year. (Larger picture)
Now we learn just how difficult it is. All three of us are more or less exhausted, as we reach the crest at 2100m, and a flatter climb begins. But now the snow gets soft instead. Time after time we sink down to our knees, and this takes even more energy. Here are two groups of cheerful norwegian women (and one dog) catching up and passing three tired swedes. Well, they are tired too... (Larger picture)
Even if the last part to the summit is flatter, it's still difficult to walk in the soft snow. We also have 300a.m. and 2km left to walk. Some of the women choose to crawl, to avoid sinking down in the snow... (Larger picture)
Finally, even we work our way up. In my own case it's mostly a matter of willpower. Here is the last part to the summit, finally visible. (Larger picture)

Dante at high point, 2465m. We needed more than 6h to get here... But that's how it can be, when conditions and (my) fitness isn't the best.

One needs to stay a few meters away from the edge, since there is an overhang, with a 200m cliff below. The last part up to the summit we enter the glacier, at this point 10-15m thick. (Larger picture)

In spite of all the difficulties getting here, it's still well worthwhile. The view from Glittertind is magnificent, and we are completely alone up here. Galdhøpiggen can be seen to the west. (Larger picture)

More to the southwest, Hurrungane in the background, for once free from clouds. The weather really is perfect. (Larger picture)
Hurrungane once again, more zoomed out. (Larger picture)
Jotunheimenfeeling straight to the south. Closest in the picture is Ryggjehøe, 2142m. (Larger picture)

As an experience, Glittertind is quite different from Galdhøpiggen. The glacier at the summit, fewer people going there, makes Glittertind a clear winner. But it can be a physically demanding tour, if your'e out of shape.

Straight to the north, first some peaks belonging to Jotunheimen, then almost unlimited view of the mountin world up north. (Larger picture)