Wiesjagglskopf 3127mm, 19/7 2012

This day really is a resting day. But, since the weather is supposed to be fine in the early hours, I make a shorter trip anyway. First by car into Kaunertal (payroad, 22Euro). It's an experience in itself. (larger picture)

The road ends at a large parking place at 2750m. (larger picture)

A bench at 2850m. Behind is Weißseespitze 3516m. (larger picture)

Apart from the beautiful view, the trail can seem a little bit "boring" with a prepared road to walk on. For a while you follow the cableway going up to Karlesjoch. (larger picture)

Then the mountain appears ahead. Here it is in the middle of the picture. Still it's a very simple walk. (larger picture)

Karlesspitzen, 3160m. (larger picture)

Almost at the entrance to the final climb. (larger picture)
The final 100 altitude meters are totally different. Now it's steep, sometimes secured with wire and iron bars. Some places are not secured, but you wish they were. During this part it's wise to be careful. (larger picture)
Almost at the summit. (larger picture)
The actual summit is quite narrow, as a knifes edge, with speep cliffs on both sides. (larger picture)
The last passage to the summit. In the background Ötztaler alpen. Thanks to the rather difficult last 100 altitude meters, and the very limited space at the summit, Wiesjagglskopf now provides a totally different feeling than it did before. I'm alone up here, probably the only visitor today. (larger picture)
The road from Kaunertal winding upwards. (larger picture)
Weißseespitze, once again. (larger picture)