Vertainspitze (Cima Vertana) 3545m, 18/7 2012

You can get a glimpse of Vertainspitze from the village of Sulden in Ortlergebiet, Italy. Here it is in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)


From Sulden you go by cableway to Kanzel at 2348m. (larger picture)

Even from here the views are magnificent. To the right is Königspitze 3851m. The fact is, everything here is so big, that I need to use full wideangle on my camera most of the time. Otherwise the mountains wont fit in the picture. (larger picture)

First 10min horizontal walk, until you reach Rosimtal. (larger picture)

Rosimtal starts with a flatter climb. This picture is taken at 2440m. In the background Königspitze 3851m, Monte Zebru 3735m and Ortler 3905m. A very, very impressive trio. (larger picture)

Soon the climb gets a lot steeper, and the legs need to work hard. Here is a look back from 2800m. (larger picture)
In the other direction, the lower part of the glacier Rosimferner ends with an "icefall". The trail climbs at the left side of the fall. (larger picture)
Going up, now on more than 3000m. The trail at the side of the icefall can be a bit tricky. If you miss the markings (witch we did) it can get really difficult. Regardless of that, it's steep. (larger picture)
Once again, the icefall.. (larger picture)

Now I see, that the hikers around me know what they are doing. As soon as the slope permits it, it's crompons on. Then we follow the snow on the part of the glacier that's without crevasses. After that it's back to the rocks, the crevasses here are to be taken seriously. (larger picture)

After leaving the glacier and climbing another steep slope, the summit is finally visible. It looks close now, but this final part will take yet another hour. (larger picture)

No comment. (larger picture)
Finally at the summit! I needed 4h to get here, and there were some difficulties on the way. The last part up to the summit required scrambling, where you needed to look for the best way up. This is no peak for beginners. But it's a new altitude record for me! (for a few days) 3545m, feels good. (larger picture)
Ortler to the west. In the background, to the right of Ortler is Piz Bernina in Switzerland, 4049m. (larger picture)
To the south, Zufallspitzen 3757m, and Monte Cevedale 3769m, always beautiful to watch. (larger picture)

Zooming in to the east, the Dolomites, far beond Bolzano. The visibility is great today. (larger picture)

To the northwest, Silvretta in Switzerland. My descent to Kanzel takes 2,5h. (Nice cappuccino in Kanzel). (larger picture)