Flüela Schwarzhorn 3147m, 22/7 2012

When I step out of my car on 2334m, at the Flüela pass in Switzerland, I get no warm welcome. The clouds are hanging just over my head, the visibility is almost nothing and it snows. Alps or no alps, today I'm using my Jotunheimen clothes... (larger picture)


But there IS a high pressure coming in, and the weather WILL improve... From 2400m you can see the road climbing up to the pass from the east. (larger picture)

At 2500m I am higher than the lowest stratus clouds, and can now see there is a new layer higher up. A small, careful optimism is starting to emerge. (larger picture)

Now at 2600m, still free from clouds. (larger picture)

At 2700m (yes, I did stop to take a picture every 100 altitude meter) small blue holes in the cloud layer start to appear. The summit on Fluela Wisshorn 3085m is almost visible. There is a small increase in my very careful optimism. (larger picture)

From 2800m I can nw see the saddlepoint Schwarzhornfurgga 2880m, free from clouds. (larger picture)
But the summit of Schwarzhorn is still imbedded in a thick cloud layer. (larger picture)
Up into the steeper section towards the summit, from 2900m. This is a fairly simple 3000-er. Clearly visible and well marked path, where you can walk all the way. No hands are needed. (larger picture)
This is what the summit looks like, in a short moment when you can get a glimpse of some mountains behind. Most of the time you can see nothing, and it snows. Several other groups have climbed the mountain today, and one after another they go down again. But I stay there, stubbornly. (larger picture)

I decide to wait until 15.00. Then, two minutes before three o'clock, this happens. Suddenly it opens up, and I can enjoy the view for 25min, now all by myself. (larger picture)

The valley going to the east, towards Unterengadin. (larger picture)

There is a special kind of beauty, just as the clouds disperse and reveal the mountains. Here is Piz Radönt 3065m, in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)
Far to the west, between the clouds, Davos can be seen. Now the clouds move in again. But I am more than satified, as I got the only opening at the summit that day. I make my descent in 1h 15min. (larger picture)