Flimspitze 2828m, 20/7 2012

The weather forecast for today really gives no hope for hiking. But I take a chance, and go to Samnaun in Switzerland. The cableway up to Alptrider Sattel at 2500m is an experience in itself. (larger picture)

The welcome committy at Alptrider Sattel (the goats, of coarse). (larger picture)

A look back, after about one km. In my opinion, car roads and cableways reduce the "feeling" when you are walking in the mountains. (larger picture)

But, looking in the other direction, this is what I see. Much better! The stratus clouds just have lifted enough to clear Bürkelkopf, 3033m. (larger picture)

This area is called "Bei den seen" at about 2540m. (larger picture)

After Bei den seen you climb to the saddle point Flimjoch at 2757m. (larger picture)

The small blue sign at the bottom really says it all. If you have a tendency of vertigo, don't go any higher. Stop here. (larger picture)
Even if the trail going up to Flimspitze is graded as medium, it should not be underestemated. A number of passages require both hands, and carefullness. They are not secured. (larger picture)
The Flimspitze summit has a smaller, but beautiful metal cross. (larger picture)
The low clouds limit the view somewhat. But I have no clouds on the summit as long as I stay there. In the middle of the picture Alptrider Sattel can be seen. (larger picture)
Bürkelkopf 3033m, the most northern 3000-er in Switzerland. (larger picture)
Just as yesterday, I'm all alone at the summit. Here's dramatic beauty in what will later become thunderstorms. (larger picture)
The peaks of Silvretta appear between the clouds. I make my way down to the cableway station again, just as the first raindrops start falling. Perfect! (larger picture)