Seebodenspitze 2859m, 16/7 2012
Nördliche Seebodenspitze 2832m
Plaschwerdakopf 2800m
Elferspitze 2926m

First I use the cableway in St. Valentin, Italy, to Haideralm at 2155m. The weather in Austria is a little unstable today. But here, on the Italian side maybe 15-20 km to the south, it's perfect. In the backgrond, Klopaierspitze 2919m. (larger picture)


After a little more than half an hour I reach Grünsee, placed as a small jewel at 2441m. (larger picture)

A bit higher, now at 2635m, is the viewpoint Seeköpfl. In the background Vertainspitze 3545m can be seen among others. That's my new target in two days. Here it is a bit to the right. Below is the valley Vinchgau (Val Venosta) with all it's apple cultivations. (larger picture)

To the notheast is Reschensee. (larger picture)

The last section up to Seebodenspitze. The trail is tecnically quite simple, and therefore attracts some tourists. (larger picture)

A look back towards Grünsee, now far down there. (larger picture)
The summit of Seebodenspitze is decorated with a fairly large metal cross. (larger picture)
The view is magnificent. Here's yet another picture towards Reschensee, with Ötztaler alpen in the background. (larger picture)
Zooming in Weisskügel 3739m, in Ötztaler alpen. (larger picture)

To the south, Ortler 3905m. Here in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)

My route now continues to the north. The ridge passes Nördlische Seebodenspitze, to the left in the picture. Then on to Plaschwerdakopf, with insignificant prominence, and after that steep up to Elferspitze. (larger picture)

This route, over the ridge, is a bit more demanding, and not so well marked. Therefore I get all alone now. But it's a nice trail to walk, where even the hands are needed at a few times. No great problems though, possibly a bit slow because more rocks must be crossed. Here's a look back to Seebodenspitze from Nördlicher Seebodenspitze. (larger picture)
Plaschwerdakopf, 2800m, can't count as a "real" top (not enough prominence). But it's nice here. (larger picture)
The last climb of almost 200 altitude meters to Elferspitze is fairly steep, and the hands are needed from time to time. (larger picture)

The summit cross at Elferspitze 2926m. Below is Langtauferer tal and behind Ötztaler alpen. (larger picture)

Zooming in Silvretta to the west in Switzerland. The descent, almost 800 altitude meters back to Haideralm takes 1h 5min. The whole hike, 1000 altitude meters and 9,2km takes 5h. Think I'm starting to get in shape now... Plenty of time for a cappuccino at Haideralm too. (larger picture)