Breithorn 4164m, 25/7 2012

A classical view from Zermatt, with Matterhorn, 4478m, in the background. (larger picture)


The cableway from Zermatt is very long (and very expensive). The higher you get, the more the high alpine world turns up. Here is Breithorn to the right, from 2500m. (larger picture)

One more picture of Breithorn, now from 2939m. The main summit is the one to the right. (larger picture)

After changing cableway at 2939m, you take the large cabin to Klein Matterhorn station, 3800m. A tunnel leads from the station through the mountain. (larger picture )

From this direction, Breithorn looks a little more accessable. The trek crosses the glacier, and the slope is, at most, about 45°. But the actual path goes in zigzag diagonal, så the actual slope you walk is less. (larger picture)
Tecnically, there are no problems going up, as long as you have proper equipment. In fact, Breithorn is concidered the easiest 4000-er in the alps. I choose it because I have only one day here, and I'm going solo. (larger picture)

Time for a short brake at 3900m. From here the slope gets steeper. (larger picture)
Another picture from 3900m. (larger picture)
This picture was taken for one special reason. My GPS shows 4003m, and I want to celebrate passing the 4000m limit. (larger picture)
Almost at the summit. (larger picture)

A happy me on the summit of Breithorn, 4164m. In the background to the left is Matterhorn. (larger picture)

Matterhorn, once more. To the left, Dent D'herens 4171m. (larger picture)

The highest mountain range in Monte Rosa, with Dufourspitze 4634m. The whole Monte Rosa with surroundings contains 9 out of the 10 highest peaks in the alps. (larger picture)
Here is the other one, also the highest of them all, Mont Blanc 4810m, 65km to the southwest. (larger picture)
To the northwest is Zinalrothorn 4221m, and Weisshorn 4506m. (larger picture)
Along the ridge of Breithorn are some other summits. You can follow a narrow ridge to Breithorn mittel, here in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)
Breithorn mittel, 4159m. Behind you can see Liskamm, 4527m. (larger picture)
Grand, magnificent... It's really no use to try and express the feeling in words. You have to be up here to experience... Two trekkers getting ready to cross the ridge to Breithorn mittel. (larger picture)
Zooming in Klein Matterhorn. The cableway cabin is just entering the station. (larger picture)