Bergkastelspitze 2913m, 23/7 2012

Bergkastelspitze as it appears from the cableway station on almost 2200m at Nauders. This mountain is, in all ways, a "real" mountain. (larger picture)


A look back at the cableway station and restaurant. Behind is Piz Mundin 3145m. (larger picture)

A little higher, at the tree limit on 2300m. Bergkastelspitze is present all the time, the summit cross attracts up there. (larger picture)

Goldseen are two lakes on a little more than 2550m. Here is the first one. (larger picture)

This is the second one, a little higher. Time for a tea brake. (larger picture)

Now it's time for the steeper section, up towards the summit. (larger picture)
The whole way from Goldseen is really steep. But somehow it works anyway. (larger picture)
The path is fairly visible most of the time, and there are red markings on the stones here and there. The trail really should be followed here. (larger picture)
In the steeper sections you can slip on the grovel. The hands are needed sometimes. (larger picture)

The last section towards the summit is secured with a wire. At some places I hold it, at others it feels better to go beside. (larger picture)

Even if Bergkastelspitze requires no vertigo and safety, this is still a peak that can be accessed by anyone with some practice of mountainwalking. It requires some effort and concentration, but it gives a lot in return. (larger picture)

A look down towards Nauders from the summit. (larger picture)
Klopaierspitze 2919m, to the south. There are two people standing on the summit. In the background, to the right is Piz Bernina 4049m. (larger picture)
Piz Lad in the southwest, with Silvretta behind. (larger picture)
A look down towards Goldseen. (larger picture)
Ötztaler alpen, to the east. To the left is Weißseespitze 3516m and to the right Weißkügel 3739m. (larger picture)