Nibbi 1741m, 4/6 2011
Skarvanfjellet 1735m

Nibbi, close to Hemsedal, is in the middle of the picture. To the right are the steep cliffs leading up towards Skogshorn. (larger picture)

By the parking place at Løkjestølane on 940m altitude. The last part of the road is a payroad. (40Nkr). (larger picture)

The cliffs towards Skogshorn are quite impressive. (larger picture)

The trail follows the stream, with its melting water falling down the mountain. (larger picture)

The same stream, now on 1400m. Skarvanfjellet is in the background. (larger picture)

Marcus and Daniel are contemplating the enigmas of life, at 1500m altitude. Skogshorn rises in the background. (larger picture)

The summit cairn of Nibbi, 1741m, reached after 2,5h. The picture is taken towards the south. (larger picture)

To the north the peaks of Jotunheimen are visible. They say there is a lot of snow there this year. (larger picture)

Time to move on towards Skarvanfjellet. This snowfield doesn't seem to present any difficulties at first. (larger picture)

But then we see the steep fall with an overhang just ahead of us. We move, as the tracks show, carefully down and glide the last part. (larger picture)

The summit cairn of Skarvanfjellet, 1735m. Apart from the steeper section, the route was without any problems and took about half an hour. Daniels sweater temporarily embellish the cairn. (larger picture)
Descending again. (larger picture)