Harahorn 1581m, 5/6 2011

The path leading to Harahorn actually starts here, at 1130m altitude by the lake Vavatn. But we have parked our car one km earlier, to avoid 40Nkr in road fee. Well, it's an easy walk up here. (larger picture)

In the other direction we can see Harahorn, just 450 altitude meters and 3km away. The trail is easy but rocky, you might say. (larger picture)

It gets really nice when we reach the ridge just before the top. (larger picture)

The summit of Harahorn is quite marked, but still easy to access. We reach it in 1,5h from the car. (larger picture)

A look to the west, along the ridge. (larger picture)

To the northwest we can see the lake Vavatn. (larger picture)

Hydalsberget, 1775m, can be seen with its steep cliffs straight to the north . Behind, partly in clouds, Ranastongi, 1900m is barely visible. (larger picture)