Tverrbott traverse, 5/7 2011
Midtre Tverrbottinden S 2106m
Midtre Tverrbottinden N 2151m
Store Tverrbottinden 2161m

At last! An opening in the hopeless raining in south Norway the summer of 2011. Then you have to cease the moment! The picture is taken from the parking place in Leirvassbu, 1400m. Here is the the ridge up to the first top, Midtre Tverrbottinden S. You enter the ridge on the left side, and follow it to the top. (larger picture)

A have to do some scrambling on the way towards the ridge, since it is fairly steep (at least my route). But if you then follow the markings that are on the ridge, the ascent will be smooth, no big problems. Here is Leirvassbu from 1940m. (larger picture)

Kyrkja, 2032m, with its caracteristic top. taken from 2040m altitude. I climbed it two years ago, with conciderably more snow than there is now. (larger picture)

Just a few weeks ago there was a lot of snow here, but the extreme raining in june has melted it away. I believe the norwegians would have preferred the snow... Here is the final, flatter part towards the first top, seen from point 2084m. (larger picture)

Jotunheimenfeeling 1! On the way to the first peak. (larger picture)

At Midtre Terrbottind S, 2106m, after 2h. Now it gets a bit easier to walk, since the major climb is done. Here is the route towards Midtre Tverrbottind N. (larger picture)

Jotunheimenfeeling 2! A look south from Midtre Tverrbottind N, 2151m. To the left is Visbretinden, 2234m. (larger picture)

To the north is the route towards Store Tverrbottinden. (larger picture)

The trail between the two peaks goes along the steep cliffs down to the glacier Søre IllĂ„brean below. (larger picture)

High point on Store Tverrbottinden, 2161m. (larger picture)

To the northeast is Galdhøpiggen, here in the middle of the picture. I choose between climbing that one or the Tverrbott traverse today. Now I can see that Galdhøpiggen would have been perfect too, in this weather. But I have no regrets. There is more to Jotunheimen than Galdhøpiggen... (larger picture)
A look back towards Midtre Tverrbottinden N. (larger picture)
Zooming in Storebjørn, 2222m. (larger picture)
Jotunheimenfeeling 3! A last look down towards Leirvassbu before starting the long, fairly steep, on small moving stones, descent from Store Tverrbottind. It takes a lot of energy and almost three hours. I walk completely off track here. (larger picture)