Galdhøpiggen 2469m, 13/8 2011
Keilhaus topp 2355m
Svellnose 2272m

At last it's time for Galdhøpiggen! It has been on my wishlist for a long time. I park the car at Spiterstulen, 1102m, and is greeted with 5 degrees celsius. But the weather is wonderful, with clear air.

There are two normal routes to "piggen". This route, with its 1400+ altitude meters, is for the "tough guys". The other alternative, from Juvasshytta with only 600m+ is for the "softies". (larger picture)

A look to the south from 1440m. I climb 500m in the first hour = hard opening pace. Maybe not so good, I got a little tired towards the end. (larger picture)

"The line" winding up at 1800m. Until here it's one fairly steep, exhausting slope without any good visibility ahead. (larger picture)

But from almost 1900m we can see the first peak, Svellnose, ahead. It always lifts the morals to see where you are heading. (larger picture)

Further up we reach the cliffs down to Styggebrean, providing good views. The trail follows the cliffs for a while. (larger picture)

A group from Juvasshytta, passing Styggebrean up towards Galdhøpiggen. They are connected with ropes and pass the glacier with a guide (costs only 170 Nkr), to avoid the risk of falling down in a crevasse. To enter this area alone is not advisable. (larger picture)

Up on Svellnose, 2272m. Ahead we can first see Keilhaus topp, and behind it "piggen". (larger picture)

The descent from Svellnose is a bit steeper. Some choose the snowroute down, on their backs, and it was VERY fast... It's also possible to skip the top and walk diagonally across the glacier. I went that way back. A little slippery but otherwise ok. (larger picture)
At Keilhaus topp, 2355m. (larger picture)

From here we can see the last 150 altitude meters to "piggen". The route crosses the glacier to the left (see the people walking there). The crevasses further to the right clearly show, that one should follow the trail here. We can also see people from Juvasshytta, climbing up on their route from the right. (larger picture)
High point at Galdhøpiggen. I remember a few years ago, sitting on a mountain top talking to a Norwegian. He said "there are so many people in the Alps. Here in Norway we have more of true wilderness". Well, yes, or... (larger picture)
The top cabin on "piggen", where you can buy something to eat and drink, or why not a t-shirt with the text Galdhøpiggen, for 200Nkr. I didn't buy one. (larger picture)
To the southwest is Bukkehøe, 2314m, (to the left). More to the right and further behind is Storebjørn, 2222m. Hurrungane is in clouds to the right. (larger picture)
With its 2469m, Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Scandinavia, and northern Europe. The view from here is magnificent. The picture is taken to the south. Ta the right you can see Tverrbottindane (among others), that I climbed one month ago. (larger picture)
On the descent it can be a good choice to slide down the snowfields. The slyles can vary... As for myself, it went considerably faster than I had expected, but I managed to stay on my feet. (larger picture)