Vorderes Alpjoch 2121m, 19/7 2011
Hinteres Alpjoch 2425m
Pleiskopf 2560m

When we start our ascent with the cableway, on about 1000m altitude in Hochimst, we enter the clouds almost immediately. At that time I'm really concerned how things will develop. But then, just before we reach the top station at a little more than 2000m, we also reach the sun above the clouds, wow! (larger picture)

The feeling up here is sensational, magical. The beauty can't be described in neither words nor pictures, it must be experienced. It's always difficult to compare different hikes. This is however, without doubt, something of the most beautiful I have ever seen. (larger picture)

A short while later we reach Vorderes Alpjoch, more of a viewpoint than a real peak. (larger picture)

Going up, towards Hinteres Alpjoch. (larger picture)

A look back on the route from Vorderes Alpjoch, down to the right in this picture. (larger picture)

Up at Hinteres Alpjoch, 2425m. In the background is Muttekopf, 2774m. (larger picture)

The route forward, towards Pleiskopf, here to the left in the picture. In the middle is Rotkopf, 2692m. It really is red. (larger picture)

After a short while we reach the ladder, about 10m high. (larger picture)

The closer we come to Pleiskopf the more awesome it looks. (larger picture)
And yes, the ascent to Pleiskopf is fairly steep and to some degree difficult, with a number of passages where you must be focused and careful. The path isn't secured here, no wires. (larger picture)

Maria and Heidi reach the summit. (larger picture)
The view is breathtaking. The Lechtaler Alps really are beautiful. The picture is taken to the south, with Große Schlenkerspitze 2827m a little to the right. (larger picture)
Here is the trail we came from, with Hinteres Alpjoch in the middle. (larger picture)
The route from Pleiskopf to Muttekopfhütte is, to begin with, a little steep and you need to be careful. On lower altitudes it gets much easier. In the hut there is cappuccino, oh yes! (larger picture)
After Muttekopfhütte we use the Drischlsteig back to the cableway station. Jorma and Maria on the way. (larger picture)
The Drischlsteig can look a bit awesome, with its stairs along the steep slope. But it is, in fact, faily easy to walk. (larger picture)