Piz Minschun 3068m, 23/7 2011
Minschun Pitschen 2927m
Piz Clünas 2793m

The weather doesn't start good today. A low cloudbase and light rainshowers reduces our enthusiasm. We use the cableway from the village Ftan in Switzerland, up to 2064m. (larger picture)

But bad weather can also produce dramatic sceneries. This picture is taken from about 2200m. (larger picture)

Going up. (larger picture)

Reaching the small lake Lai da Minschun at 2642m, after a little more than one hour. Coffebrake. (larger picture)

From the lake you first climb, a little steep, to a saddlepoint at 2850m. From there it's a fairly easy climb to the peak of Piz Minschun, 3068m. Here is a patient group, waiting for the clouds to disperse. (larger picture)

And they do! The cloudbase slowly climbs as the temperature rises, and we start seeing shattered skies. (larger picture)

Even so, we now start our descent. On lower altitude the visibility is better. Over all, the weather is improving now. (larger picture)

Almost back at the saddlepoint. (larger picture)

Now we take on the lower peak Minschun Pitschen, 2927m. Only 80 altitude meters and a simple climb makes this top accessible, once you are up here. (larger picture)
Furthermore, this peak is free from clouds now, making the view much better. Time for a new brake. (larger picture)
Descending towards the saddle point at 2850m. (larger picture)
Jorma descending the steeper part towards Lai da Minschun. Behind is the path leading up to our last target, Piz Clünas. (larger picture)
The peak of Piz Clünas, 2793m. In the background is the pyramide shaped Piz Minschun. (larger picture)
Some sort of rotor cloud has formed now, obscuring the other side of the valley. (larger picture)
A really nice meeting, a little further down. During my years in the Alps, this is the first time I see Edelwiess. But now there are lots of them. Nice! (larger picture)
Almost down again. The village Ftan can be seen low in the middle of the picture, the cableway station to the left. (larger picture)