Monte Scorluzzo 3095m, 18/7 2011

We start from the Stelvio pass in Italy, at 2758m. The initial thought is to climb the Geisterspitze, 3467m. (larger picture)

Ortler, 3905m in the background. (As long as it's still visible.) (larger picture)

Reaching the Ortlerhaus, 3028m. Geisterspitze can be seen in the background. Time to enter the glacier. (larger picture)

The group entering the glacier. We follow the prepared ski slope, which is concidered safe to walk, without being connected. In the background you can see Ortlerhaus. (larger picture)

The hike up the glacier is really beautiful, with clouds above and below. (larger picture)

But then the clouds move in, and in just a few minutes it looks like this. We abort and turn back in hard winds, hail and zero visibility at about 3200m. (larger picture)

After a stop at Refugio Livrio and a good cup of cappuccino, we continue our descent. Here is Rötlspitze to the north, 3026m. (larger picture)

Even lower, at 2900m, we reach the trail going up to Monte Scorluzzo, 3095m. It's still free from clouds, so I quickly decide to climb it. (larger picture)

At the top cross, some 20 min. later. The clouds come and go now. (larger picture)

Here is also a memory sign, reminding of the first world war. At that time this area was a theatre of war. (larger picture)