Geisterspitze 3467m, 21/7 2011
(Punta Degli Spiriti)
Monte Scorluzzo 3095m

Time for a new try at the Geisterspitze. Since we had to turn back on more than 3200m three days ago, we "cheat" this time by using the cableway to Refugio Livrio, 3174m. (larger picture)

This time it looks better.We have started early to avoid overdevelopment with showers, that has been promised later in the day. We choose the left side of the ski slope, and then climb the peak from the right. (larger picture)

The group coming out on the glacier. It's not necessary to be connected by rope as long as we follow the prepared slope. Crampons aren't necessary either. (larger picture)

Up on the peak. The last 100 altitude meters are fairly steep, and somewhat difficult with new snow on the rocks. The top marking is... unusual. (larger picture)

To the south there is a ridge, reaching about 500m to a nice viewpoint. At first I plan to walk out there, but after a short bit I turn back. Crampons really are necessary here. Otherwise there is a large risk of sliding down the steep and icy slope. My normal hiking boots are definitly not enough to walk here, dangerous. It would have been possible on softer snow. (larger picture)

Geisterspitze is, with its 3467m, the highest peak I have climbed so far (with a margin of a few meters). Someone described the view fron here as as "bombastic", and I agree. The glacier world of the Ortler area is mighty to watch. (larger picture)

Monte Cristallo, 3434m, to the southwest. In the background is Piz Bernina, 4049m. But cumulus have started to form now, obscuring the peak. (larger picture)

The most impressive is, of course, King Ortler 3905m. (larger picture)
Ortler once again... (larger picture)

Zufallspitzen, 3757m and Monte Cevedale, 3769m. (larger picture)
On the way down we take the time to once again climb Monte Scorluzzo, 3095m. Some icing on the cake, you might say. (larger picture)
Even if the weather now, in a very short time has overdeveloped, still it's much better than the last time I stood here, three days ago. (larger picture)
The bearded vulture is very rare in Europe. Just a little more than 200 pairs are believed to live here. This huge giant, with a wingspan of up to 2,9m, is only found on high altitudes. Unfortunately the great bird never came close enough for a better picture, but it's pleasing just to have seen one. (larger picture)