Veslbreatind 2092m, 4/9 2010
Hurrbreatind 2060m

For the second time this year I come to Krossbu fjellstation, at 1260m altitude in Jotunheimen. This time I'm in the company of Dante and Peter. In the background you can just about see Veslfjelltinden, 2157m and Veslbreatinden, 2092m. (larger picture)

A look to the south at Smørstabbtind, 2208m, from 1530m altitude. I climbed it only three months ago, in a weather that was just as fantastic as today. (Larger picture)

To the southwest, now from 1900m, Fannaråki and Steindalsnosi can be seen. Road 55 winds over the landscape, down towards Krossbu fjellstation, right now obscured by the mountain. (Larger picture)

At the summit, 2092m. Snow fell in the last week, and a beautiful ice sculpture has formed on the summit cairn. (Larger picture)

Straight to the south is, among others, Storebjørn and Smørstabbtind. (Larger picture)

To the north you can see Veslfjelltind, and in front of it Hurrbreatinden is barely visible. (Larger picture)

To the east, Galdhøpiggen, the highest peak in Scandinavia with its 2469m. (Larger picture)

Once again to the southwest, Hurrungane, Fannaråki and Steindalsnosi. Now you can also see Krossbu fjellstation far down there. (Larger picture)

Now we have continued to Hurrbreatinden, 2060m. Here is a look back towards Veslbreatinden. Notice the huge crevasses in the glacier. (Larger picture)

To the southeast, towards Leirvassbu, is Storbreahøe, 2001m, in the foreground (Larger picture)