Store Smørstabbtinden 2208m, 1/7 2010
Storbreatinden 2018m

The weather in Jotunheimen is unstable, most of the time. But today we are blessed with the most beautiful sunshine, and clear air. The car is parked at Krossbu fjellstation, at 1260m altitude. (larger picture)

In the other direction, the path leads in a flack climb along with the small river Leira. In the background is todays main target, Store Smørstabbtinden. (larger picture)

A little bit up the trail. The only reason I took this picture, is because the peaks of Hurrungane are seen so nice over the clouds, in the background. (larger picture)

It took me almost one hour to reach the glacier Leirbrean, at 1520m altitude. From here I go around the glacier to the left in the picture. (larger picture)

Hurrungane, seen from a peak with no name, 1723m, next to the small lake Leirvatnet. (larger picture)

From here Smørstabbtinden looks ever more respectful. The marked trail goes a bit to the right in the picture, close to the steeper parts, and it can be wise to try and follow the markings. The snow was a bit soft, so I tried to keep on the rocks on my way up. (larger picture)

The steeper section, around the 2000m level. Some scrambling is necessary here, but along the marked trail it's ok. Fannaråki and Steindalsnosi in the background. (larger picture)

The peak is very sharpe. A narrow cliff with a vertical drop down to the glacier Storbrean, about 400m below. Really cool! (larger picture)

The view from the top is impressive. To the south you can see, among others, Kniven, Sokse and Storebjørn. (larger picture)

A closer zoom at Storebjørn 2222m. (larger picture)

A bit more to the southeast, the most southern peaks in Jotunheimen. (larger picture)

On ever more tired legs, I push on towards the second goal of today, Storbreatind 2018m. It can be reached from a saddlepoint on 1850m. Here is a look back towards Smørstabbtinden from about 1900m. (larger picture)

The peak of Storbreatind, wich is easily reachable. The view from here isn't bad either.Here's a look to the south. (larger picture)
In the other direction, to the north, you can continue to the peak Veslbreatinden 2092m. I had planned to climb that one as well, but now both my legs say a definite no. Since I get outvoted with two against one, I give up that thought and start descending. The first hike of the year, then you should know your limitations... (larger picture)