Haglebunatten 1278m, 3/7 2010

Because of low clouds at Rjukan, I take an evening tour to Haglebu instead. The car is parked at Haglebu camping, with Haglebunatten, 1278m, in the background. At least it's free from clouds. I start walking at 17.00. (larger picture)

The camping is at 800m, so the walk is in the woods to begin with. At 950m there are only dwarf birch and the view gets better. (larger picture)

At about 1000m i reach the treeline and all forest ends. (larger picture)

The path could feel a little airy here, if you are afraid of heights, with a steep drop at the side. But it's wide, and goes in a natural, very nice diagonal uphill. (larger picture)

The lake Snøfonntjänn at a little more than 1000m. (larger picture)

Some 150 altitude meters left to the fortopp. Easy to walk, as you can see. (larger picture)

The fortopp, with its 1265m, provides the best view. Here is the camping and Haglebu below. (larger picture)

A small mountain lake, between the fortopp and the main peak. Here is the fortopp behind to the left. (larger picture)

The cairn on the main peak, 1278m. Right now I'm happy I didn't choose a higher mountain, the cloudbase is just a few meters over my head. When the weather is bad, walk lower peaks... (larger picture)

But it's a nice peak to climb. Furthermore, now a start getting in shape. I'm back at the camping at 19.00, only two hours after I started climbing. Here is the fortopp in the background, the picture taken to the northeast. (larger picture)

Tranquility from the top. The mountains almost blend with the clouds. (larger picture)