Hintere Schöntaufspitze 3325m (20/7 2010)
Vordere Schöntaufspitze 3214m

First we use the cableway from the village of Sulden to the top station on 2610m. (larger picture)

The trail up is easy to walk. (larger picture)

On 3100m you reach a saddlepoint. As you can see many people find their way up here, even cyclists. (larger picture)

On the summit, 3325m. The altitude is really the only difficulty with this mountain. The view is magnificent. From left is Königspitze 3851m, Monte Zebru 3735m and Ortler 3905m. An impressive trio. (larger picture)

König Ortler, in his own majesty. (larger picture)

To the south the beautiful peaks Zufallspitzen, 3757m and Monte Cevedale, 3769m. (larger picture)

We now continue to the Vordere Schöntaufspitze, here in the middle of the picture. Although many people climb Hintere Schöntaufspitze almost no one goes down this way. (larger picture)

I think that's a pity. This way down isn't much longer, gives one more good viewpoint and the path is nice to walk. Here is a look back to Hintere Schöntaufspitze. (larger picture)

The somewhat used cross on Vordere Schöntaufspitze. It took some climbing the last meters up to it, but I got a good grip on the cliffs and it wasn't very difficult. Far below is Sulden, at 1800m altitude. (larger picture)

Having a good cup of cappucino at Madrichtshütte on the way down. It could be worse... (larger picture)