Piz Umbrail 3033m (19/7 2010)

Piz Umbrail in the middle, seen from Passo dello Stelvio. The high rate of calcium and heavy erosion gives the mountain a very caracteristic look. To the right is Piz Chazfora, 3006m. Below the moutain is the starting point, Umbrailpass. (larger picture)

The Umbrailpass is at 2505m, making this peak relatively accessable. (larger picture)

From 2600m the summit is visible ahead. (larger picture)

You may wonder where the flowers find their nutrition... (larger picture)

Reaching the steeper part, around 2900m altitude. (larger picture)

The peak of Piz Umbrail, with the ridge continuing along. (larger picture)

The view is great. Perfect weather with extremely clear air makes it even better. Here is Piz Bernina, 4049m, in Switzerland. (larger picture)

Weißkugel, 3739m, Ötztaler alpen, Austria. (larger picture)

But the most impressive must be König Ortler, 3905m, in Italy. Passo dello Stelvio, 2758m, to the right in the picture. (larger picture)

The road from Passo dello Stelvio winding down towards Bormio, on the Italian side. (larger picture)

We continue along the ridge, nice and warmly recommended. (larger picture)

A few steeper passages keeps one alert. (larger picture)

The whole ridge is quite beautiful. (larger picture)
A look down to the Swiss side, with the lake Lai da Rims as a blue jewel. (larger picture)