Piz Lad 2808m (14/7 2010)
Piz Russenna 2802m
Äußere Nockenkopf 2769m

A classical view of Piz Lad, to the right in the picture, with the halfdrowned churchtower of Graun in the foreground. The whole traverse is visible, to Äußere Nockenkopf close to the tower. (larger picture)

We start from Reschner Alm at 2010m. The morning haze hasn't gone away yet. (larger picture)

Jorma and Maria on the way up. The trees dissapear at about 2200m. (larger picture)

At a little more than 2300m we reach a smaller cross, marking a good viewpoint. Reschensee is seen below. (larger picture)

Lots of people going up. The peak is still covered with clouds, but the cloudbase is climbing as the temperature rises. (larger picture)

The last part up to the summit cross is relatively steep, and energy consuming.The cloudbase has risen now, and the summit is free from clouds. Reschensee can be seen in the background. The cross isn't placed at the high point of the mountain. (larger picture)

If you continue a little bit more you reach the high point, 2808m. Switzerland in the background. (larger picture)

A look back at the summit cross from the high point. Austria in the background. (larger picture)

We continue along the traverse, down to 2650m to pass Grubenjoch, det flat area in the picture. Behind is the second target of today, Piz Russenna, 2802m. (larger picture)

The summit cairn of Piz Russenna. All along we walk along the border between Italy and Switzerland. In the background we see Switzerland, with the river Inn winding in the valley. (larger picture)

At the next peak, Äußere Nockenkopf. Now we look in the other direction with Italy and Reschensee. The "vorgipfel" to the right. (larger picture)

A look back to Piz Lad from Äußere Nockenkopf (larger picture)

The "vorgipfel", with its beautiful cross will mark the end of this hike. Now it's "only" a question to walk down and back to Reschner Alm. (larger picture)