Mataunkopf 2893m (21/7 2010)
Wölfeleskopf 2893m
Großer Schafkopf 3000m

I use the cableway from Nauders, Austria, up to almost 2200m. (larger picture)

On a little more than 2600m Goldsee can be seen. (larger picture)

After getting up to the pass Pedrosschartl, The path follows the ridge and border between Austria and Italy. First up to Westlichen Mataunkopf, 2888m. (larger picture)

From here the way along the ridge is visible. To the left the main target, Großer Schafkopf, but first you have to pass Wölfeleskopf, to the right. (larger picture)

But even before that you must climb Östlichen Mataunkopf, 2892m. (larger picture)

A look to the south from Östlichen Mataunkopf. (larger picture)

A while later, now on Wölfeleskopf. Here is Östlichen Mataunkopf in the middle, and behind it Westlichen Mataunkopf. (larger picture)

In the other direction Großer Schafkopf waits. (larger picture)

Almost up there... (larger picture)

At last... My gps shows exactly 3000m. The view is very good, as usual from a 3000:er. The peak of Piz Lad can be seen just to the right of the cross. I descend to the cableway station through another valley in about 2h. (larger picture)