Monte Selòdori 2708m
Monte Ritorto 2411m

I start by using the cableway 5 Laghi from Madonna di Campiglio up to 2064m altitude. (larger picture)

Some say the mountains in this area, Presanella, looks like the Norwegian mountains. I agree with that. First a simple horizontal walk to... (larger picture)

Lago Ritorto, a beautiful lake that gathers a lot of tourists. In the background Monte Ritorto can be seen. (larger picture)

The Brenta Dolomiti at the other side of the valley is a mighty look all the time. (larger picture)

Getting up from Lago Ritorto towards Monte Seròdoli. (larger picture)

Brenta once more. I never got tired of looking at it. (larger picture)

The last part towards the top of Monte Seròdoli requires some scrambling, but there are no real difficulties. (larger picture)

The peak, with Brenta in the background. (larger picture)

The clouds got lower and lower, and finally made me descent to lower altitude. (larger picture)

Back to Lago Ritorto again, and up towards the second goal of today, Monte Ritorto. The path, sometimes hard to find, goes from the lake up to the pass in the right of this picture. (larger picture)

I choose to climb the peak from the southwest, where there is a steep but reasonable grass slope. Some scrambling is required. (larger picture)
Brenta seen from the top. I could never take any pictures towards Presanella, since there were clouds all the time. (larger picture)