Skogshorn 1728m

As you approach Hemsedal from the south, the mountains rise and become more "alpine". Among the first you see is the impressive south side of Skogshorn. (larger picture)

You leave the parking place at 900m, and first enter a bush landscape. (larger picture)

In the other direction the top can be seen. The approach is to the right side in this picture, clearly easy (larger picture)

Time to refill the water bottles. You don't get purer and colder water than this. (larger picture)

A view to the south from about 1300m. (larger picture)

The top of Skogshorn is reached without any real difficulties. This picture is taken to the north, with the snowcovered peaks of Jotunheimen in the background. (larger picture)

To the southwest, at the other side of the valley Hemsedalen, is Veslehorn (1300m) with it's impressive waterfall. (larger picture)

From the top you can see Hemsedalen and Hallingdalen winding to the southeast, though the lower mountain areas there. (larger picture)