Kyrkja 2032m

Kyrkja seen from the starting point Leirvassbu, 1400m. From the beginning this was thought to be a nice evening trip. 600 altitude meters doesn't feel too hard, even if I climbed Skogshorn the day before. (larger picture)

However, I have more of yesterdays walk in my legs than I wanted to believe. Furthermore, there is much snow in Jotunheimen this year, and the snow is soft. Time after time I sink down to my knees in snow, tough. (larger picture)

After a not so wise choice of route, where I have to kick my boots hard into the snow not to slide down from a 60 degrees slope, I manage to get to the actual peak. The way up is to the right side in this picture. (larger picture)

The last part to the peak is steep, and there are those who don't climb up here. This is really no mountain for beginners. (larger picture)

It feels good to reach the top, but I am conciderably more tired than I had expected. This is a reminder to take it easy in the beginning of the season. (larger picture)

Anyway, the view from here is great. Here is a backlight picture down to the lake Leirvatnet, still covered with ice and with Leirvassbu at the further end. (larger picture)

Hurrungane, with its sharp peaks far to the south. As for myself, I think this is the most beautiful part of Jotunheimen. (larger picture)

As I said before, a lot of snow this year.... (larger picture)