Goatfell 874m
North Goatfell 818m
Mullach Buidhe 819m

Starting from Corrie, some 5 km north of Brodick. Here you can spot seals in the water if your'e lucky. This very day people have even seen whales. (larger picture)

The ferry leaves Brodick for Ardrossan on the mainland. Here from 300m altitude. (larger picture)

In the other direction is Goatfell, 874m, now visible to the left and North Goatfell, 818m, to the right. (larger picture)

I choose the path leading to a saddlepoint between North Goatfell and Mullach Buidhe, 819m. (larger picture)

It's up here, on some 750m, you get a "moonlandshape" of rectangular rock formations. (larger picture)

Cir Mhor, 799m to the left and Casteal Abhail, 859m to the right. (larger picture)

A look down the Glen Sannox valley, leading northeast to the sea. (larger picture)

To the south the Glen Rosa valley leads out of the mountains. (larger picture)

A peak with no name on my map, 834m logged on the gps, between the saddlepoint and Mullach Buidhe. Here it's visible from the way to North Goatfell. (larger picture)

The man himself, on the peak of Goatfell. You could see Northern Ireland an hour before I came up, but now the visibility has gone down in that direction. (larger picture)
Brodick Bay with Brodick. More in the background you can see Lamlash Bay and Holy Island. (larger picture)