Casteal Abhail 859 m
Cir Mhor 799 m

Start from North Sannox, along the road between Sannox and Lochranza. To start with you follow a stream, with rapids and waterfalls. (larger picture)

After a few km and some 200 altitude meters Casteal Abhail is visible, here to the right in clouds. To the left is "Witches step". (larger picture)

Eventually I leave the path and follow some deertrails, hoping to find the path again further on. Cimb up on a ridge at almost 600m. Here a view to the northeast. (larger picture)

It can be a good thing to look at the map sometimes. After finally picking it up I realize I have chosen the wrong ridge. This mistake actually means I get a shorter way. I walk up towards Casteal Abhail on this slope (larger picture)

Cir Mhor, seen from Casteal Abhail, an impressive sight. To the left is Goatfell, now in clouds. (larger picture)

The peak of Casteal Abhail. The simpliest way is to walk around and up from the back. On this side there is some 10m of almost vertical climb. (larger picture)

"Moonlandshape" from the peak of Casteal Abhail. (larger picture)

Witches step, seen from the slopes up towards Cir Mhor. (larger picture)

A look back on Casteal Abhail from the top of Cir Mhor. (larger picture)

Glen Sannox, seen from the top of Cir Mhor. (larger picture)

After Cir Mhor my path leads to the rocky ridge A'Chir, which can be passed by a trail just below. When passing over these rocks climbing equipment should be used. (larger picture)
First I planned to climb Beinn Tarsuinn as well, but due to clouds and very strong winds (not to mention tired legs) I choose the lower Beinn a' Chliabhain instead. From there the path leads down to the Glen Rosa valley, close to Brodick. (larger picture)