Steidalsnosi 2025 m

As you reach the area of Jotunheimen all the other mountains in Norway suddenly seems quite small. Here is Steindalsnosi, 2025 m, to the left and Fannaråki, 2068 m, to the right. (larger picture)

Steindalsnosi is a relativly acessable 2000-meter peak, which suits me fine as I am going home to Sweden directly after the climb. At the same time it provides excellent view with its closeness to the mountain range Hurrungane. I park the car a few km north of Turtagrø hotel, on 1280 m altitude. (larger picture)

First there is a steeper part of about 100 altitude meters... (larger picture)

Then the goal is in sight. I use the snowfield to the right in the picture first, then diagonaling to the left. (larger picture)

A look back to the deep canyons leading down to Sognefjord, from about 1700 m altitude. (larger picture)

The snowfields can be quite steep, and I have to kick my boots into the snow not to slip down. (larger picture)

The last part to the peak is almost flat. Here is the side peak, 1936 m. First I had planned to climb that one too, but now I realize it would take time. Passing the ridge isn´t easy. (larger picture)

At the top on 2025 m. (larger picture)

Fannaråki, 2068 m with the cabin Fannaråkhytta. It's the highest placed Norwegian turist lodge. (larger picture)

The view from here is really dramatic. I think the most impressive must be Hurrungane to the south, with Stora Skagastølstinden, 2405 m, in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)

This is also Hurrungane. A bit to the right is St. Soleibotntinden, 2083 m. That was where I was standing last year in a miserable weather, in clouds and barely could see anything. Today I get my revenge... (larger picture)

Once again, as you are in Jotunheimen all the other Norwegian mountains suddenly seem quite small. This is a look to the northeast. (larger picture)

A little more to the north, Galdhøpiggen, 2469m, in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)
A couple of nice Norwegians starting their way down. On my going down I probably hit a new personal record, 55 minutes thanks to the extended snowfields. Now I have learned the my walking boots even makes good skis, if the snowfields are steep enough. (larger picture)