Lønahorgi 1410 m

Lønahorgi, with its caracteristic mast, rises over Voss. (larger picture)

The car is parked on Bavallen, on some 300m altitude. First you walk through the forest, here are some parts ov Voss from 600m. (larger picture)

Hangur, Voss "own mountain" has many skislopes. Here it's seen fron almost 1000m. (larger picture)

The road is wide and easily walked up to 1100m altitude (even if you can choose some smaller shortcuts here and there). The marking is good with red T:s, as always on Norwegian trails. (larger picture)

Along the trail you get a good view down to Dale. (larger picture)

From about 1200m there are a couple of timeconsuming km to the top. I need about one hour to pass all rocks up and down. Not much of a path here, but the red markings are easy to follow. (larger picture)

The peak on 1410m, just beside the mast. (larger picture)

A group on the way up over the snowfield. (larger picture)

A part of Voss visible in the valley. To the right, in the background is Hardangerjökulen. (larger picture)

I believe it's Jordalsnuten, where I was last year, visible like a "sugartop" in the middle. Behind, a little to the left, parts of Jotunheimen can be seen. (larger picture)