Larsfonnfjellet 1318 m

A simple but nice hike.We park the car in Oppheimsdalen, on 820 m altitude. In the background is Tverrfjellet, 1118 m. (larger picture)

Fantastic colour in the water, on the way up on Geitaberget. (larger picture)

The top cairn of Geitaberget, 1239 m, that we reach after a bit more than one hour. In the background, to the left is Lønahorgi with its caracteristic mast. (larger picture)

The peak of Larsfonnfjellet seen from Geitaberget. (larger picture)

It doesn't take long to climb the additional, little more than 100 altitude meters to the cairn on Larsfonnfjellet, 1318 m. (större bild)

Zooming in Lønahorgi, about 25 km away. (larger picture)

Saffo on the way down the snowfields. By using them when going down we quickly get back to the car. (larger picture)