Wildes Mannle 3023 m
Urkundkolm 3134 m

Vent is a small village in Ötztal, at almost 1900m altitude. From here you can go by aerial cableway... (larger picture)

up to Stablein at 2300m. Here the walk towards Wildes Mannle begins. In the background is Talleitspitze, 3406m. (larger picture)

After a while you can see the top, it doesn't look far at all. But 700 altitude meters takes some time anyway. (larger picture)

To the west you can see Breslauer Hütte. From there the slopes continue up towards Urkundkolm. (larger picture)

The most impressive with this climb is that you pass the slopes of Wildspitze, the second highest mountain in Austria, 3774m. Here is the glacier from Wildspitze down to Rofenkar. (larger picture)

After a little steeper section it levels out again and we can see the peak ahead. (larger picture)

Wildspitze seen from the top of Wildes Mannle. A small madonna figure in bronze is placed here. (larger picture)

You can choose to continue on Rofenkarsteig, over the ridge a bit and then down the steeper slope to the left. This path is a little more demanding, with longer parts secured by wire, but it's nice. (larger picture)

A look up the steep slope of Rofenkarsteig. From here you pass by the glacier, and then climb up to... (larger picture)

Breslauer Hütte at 2844m. The weather is getting worse now, so we quickly continue up towards Urkundkolm. (larger picture)

The path to Urkundkolm is easier than Wildes Mannle. In the background Ötztaler Urkund, 3554m rises above. (larger picture)