Narrenkogel 2308 m
Poschachkogel 2574 m

The path to Narrenkogel begins in the village Niederthai on about 1500m altitude. Niederthai is in a sidevalley of Ötztal, above Umhausen. A simple tour that's suitable for us as the weather only permits a hike in the afternoon. (larger picture)

The path up through the forest is relativly steep, and there is no great view until we reach 2000m. Here you can see Ötztal. (larger picture)

Stratus clouds forming both below and above us provides an additional effect to the scenery. (larger picture)

A happy Peter at the top of Narrenkogel. (larger picture)

There are two crosses at the Narrenkogel. One smaller at the highest peak, and one larger at the best viewpoint. (larger picture)

Our path continues along the ridge Am Joch, on the way to Poschachkogel. A look to the north, towards Inntal. (larger picture)

To the south from Am Joch you can see Ötztal winding away towards the high passes leading to Italy. (larger picture)

Am Joch with Narrenkogel furthest down, seen from the slope towards Poschachkogel. (larger picture)

The cross at Poschachkogel, 2574m. In the background, to the left of the cross is Breiter Grieskogel 3287m. To the right, Strahlkogel 3168m. (larger picture)

To the north Schönjöchle 2709m, and further behind Hohe Wasserfalle 3003m. (larger picture)