Kreuzspitze 3455 m

Starting from Vent i Ötztal, 1890 m. I I the background you can see Stubaier alpen. (större bild)

The first two hours are spent on the road to Martin Busch Hütte, as we slowly climb to 2500m. (larger picture)

A coldfront passed yesterday, resulting in new snow on the mountans. This, combined with a crystal clear air, makes the landshape magnificent. (larger picture)

At the Martin Busch Hütte on 2501m. After two hours and 600 altitude meters a small brake is in order. After that we begin the additional 950 altitude meters to the top. (larger picture)

About one hour later we reach 3000m. To the south is the lake Brizzisee. (larger picture)

At a little more than 3000m you enter a "forest" of risen stones. In the background Kreuzspitze is now visible. (larger picture)

At a saddlepoint on a little more than 3300m. In one direction is a smaller top. (larger picture)

In the other direction the main peak. (larger picture)

The last part up to the top. (larger picture)

The feeling about reaching this peak, especially on this beautiful day, cannot be described in words. No one of us spoke a word for quite some time after getting up. (större bild)

In all directions are high, snowcovered peaks. (larger picture)

Wildspitze, 3774m to the north. (larger picture)

To the southwest, a bit into Italy Ortler, 3905m rises. (larger picture)

To the southeast, far down in Italy you can get a glimpse of the Dolomites. (larger picture)
Straight to the south is Similaun, 3606m. Notice the group crossing the glacier down to the right in the picture. (larger picture)