Storehorn 1482 m, Veslehorn 1300 m


Veslehorn and Storehorn seen from the camping just south of Hemsedal. (larger picture)


Veslehorn in the morning light. (larger picture)


You go by car up to 1060m altitude on a small road, and there is a parking place. (larger picture)


Up on 1200 m. Storehorn can be seen to the left. (larger picture)


A little further to the right is the top of Veslehorn. (larger picture)


Peter and Jorma on the top of Veslehorn, 1300 m. It's a bit windy... In the background, across the valley Hemsedalen is Skogshorn, 1728 m. (larger picture)


A look to the north. The mountains rise higher, but Jotunheimen isn't visible because of bad weather up there. The village Hemsedal is to the right. (larger picture)


To the southeast is a much flatter area. (larger picture)


The vertical cliff down to Hemsedalen, 700 m below, is impressive. (larger picture)


Veslehorn i the evening light, seen from the path up towards Storehorn. This path is a little steeper, but means no real problems. (larger picture)


On the top of Storehorn, 1482 m. The picture is taken towards the south. (larger picture)


Peter and Jorma, happy to have reached the top. (larger picture)

On the way down from Storehorn, passing the somewhat steeper part. (larger picture)