Norefjell (Høgevarde), 1459 m.


You go by car from Eggedal up to Tempelseter Fjellstue where there is a parking place on about 915 m altitude. First you follow a small road (on the picture), and then the path begins. In the background is Ranten, 1419 m. (larger picture)


Everybody should experience a "fjell" in autumn colours sometime. (larger picture)


Once again, everybody should experience a "fjell" in autumn colours sometime. (larger picture)


The climb is very flat all the way and completely without problems. (larger picture)


A look back from 1150 m. In the background is the Gausta peak, 1883 m. (larger picture)


Up on 1400 m. Høgevarde is to the left. (larger picture)


Jorma and Peter on the top of Høgevarde, 1459 m. (larger picture)


The view is impressive. To the north you can see the peaks of Jotunheimen, some 200 km away. (larger picture)


Høgevardehytta is right below the summit to the southwest. In the background the Gausta peak. (larger picture)


Ranten, seen from the top of Høgevarde. In the background to the right is Hallingskarvet. (larger picture)

Gråfjell in the middle of the picture, the highest point on Norefjell, 1466 m. (larger picture)