Zischgeles 3005 m


The starting point to Zischgeles is reached by car from Sellraintal, where you go to the village Gries, turn to Praxmar, 1689 m in Lüsenstal. You can park at Alpengasthof Praxmar (3 Euro). (larger picture)


Praxmar seen from 1800 m. To the left you can see Gries in Sellraintal. (larger picture)


In the other direction is the peak of Zichgeles, here in the middle of the picture and from 2000 m altitude. (larger picture)


There are two paths going up to the peak. The one going around the Oberstkogel, 2767m, (path 32) provides the most beautiful wiews and I recommend it, even if the last climb towards the peak is a little steeper. A good choice could be to walk this way up. (larger picture)


After a while Lüsener Fernerkogel, 3298 m, comes into wiew. Here it rises behind Schöntalswände, glimmering as metal in the sunshine. (larger picture)


After coming around Oberstkogel you reach a rigde going towards Zischgeles, now again visible ahead. Here it is seen from 2800 m. (larger picture)


A look back on Oberstkogel. To the left you can see a glimpse of Praxmar. (larger picture)


Up on the peak, 3005 m with its beautiful "gipfelkreuz". The last part requires some scrambling, but shouldn´t cause much problem for those with some experience of mountain hiking. (larger picture)


The wiew from Zischgeles is great. Here is Grubenwand, 3178 m. (larger picture)


Lüsener Fernerkogel, with its altitude and steep cliffs is always an impressive sight. (larger pucture)


Zooming in the Schöntalspitze, 3002 m. There is a single hiker standing on the peak. (larger picture)


The descent at the north slope towards Satteljoch is easier than the east side where I came up. Some stones must be climbed, but that´s all. This path (31) doesn´t provide the same wiews as path 32. (larger picture)
A nice meeting at 2400 m, with what I believe to be a small Apollo. This is a large and beautiful butterfly (but a little smaller than the normal Apollo). I could see them at several occasions, always on high altitudes. (larger picture)