Schaufelspitze 3332 m
"Kleine Isidor" 3200 m
Schußgrubenkogel 3211 m


I use the cableway to the Eisgrat station at 2850 m. It feels a little bit strange to start like this, in the middle of tourists, facilities etc. But I want to try snow and glacier ice in a safe way. Then I also want to go for some higher peaks who I can reach by myself, and they are here. (larger picture)


The first 300 altitude meters passes over the glacier, but the path is marked with sticks so you won´t risk coming close to any glacier crevasses. (larger picture)


On more than 3100 m you pass the top Kleine Isidor, 3200 m. You can go by cableway to 3150 m , then climb the less than 100 altitude meters to the peak, to claim a 3000-meter. Actually it is not really defined as a real 3000 m peak. The path goes up on the left side in this picture. As you can see it is rather steep. (larger picture)


The trail continues up to the cable station Schaufeljochbahn 3150 m, with Schaufelspitze to the right. (larger picture)


Halfway to the peak. This is no turist path, so now I am completely alone. It feels better. (larger picture)


The sharp peak of Schaufelspitze, 3332 m, with a rather small wooden cross. (larger picture)


It´s here you get rewarded for the effort, the wiew from this altitude is magnificent. To the west is Ötztaler Alpen, with Wildspitze, 3770 m, a little to the right of the middle in this picture. (larger picture)


Closer, to the northwest, Stubaier Wildspitze 3344 m, rises like a sharp pyramid. Actally, it looks rather wild... (larger picture)


The most impressive of all is probably the wiew towards Zuckerhütl, 3505 m. (larger picture)


Zooming in the Zuckerhütl. The path leading to the peak follows the left side seen from this picture. (larger picture)


Meeting a lonely hiker at the peak. (larger picture)


After coming down again I take the time to climb the Kleine Isidor as well, it´s there anyway. The path is steep but here is wire so it means no big problems to get up there. (larger picture)


The peak of Kleine Isidor, 3200 m. (larger picture)


I descend on the other side of Kleine Isidor. Here is no path and it´s steep. On the other side of a snowfield is Schußgrubenkogel. (larger picture)


Going up towards Schußgrubenkogel. (larger picture)


The peak of Schußgrubenkogel, 3211 m, seen from the almost as high side peak. (larger picture)


The side peak seen from the main peak. You pass the side peak at the right side and follow the rigde to the main peak. This is no peak for beginners, and it´s important you follow the small cairns marking the right way. (larger picture)