Saile (Nockspitze) 2403 m
Vorgipfel 2379 m
Spitzmandl 2206 m
Pfiemerswand 2103 m


Waiting for the newly fallen snow to melt from the higher mountains I go for some lower peaks. I "cheat" a little by taking the cableway to Birgittzköpflhaus on 2035 m, to have strength left for a higher peak tomorrow. (larger picture)


The path up to Saile is easy and therefore attracts a lot of tourists. (larger picture)


On the peak, 2403 m. It turns out to be far more beautiful than I had expected. What about the wiew of... (larger picture)


Kalkkögel in the southwest, with peaks up to 2800 m, or... (larger picture)


the Stubai valley in the south, the place where I am staying right now, or... (larger picture)


Innsbruck in the northeast, 1800 altitude meters below. In the background are the Karwendel mountains with Nordkette. To the left is the almost as high "vorgipfel". (larger picture)


Saile seen from the vorgipfel, 2379 m. Since the path now is labeled as "black", there are no turists anymore, just a few hikers. The path isn´t very difficult to walk. The only problem should be if you are afraid of hights, you pass close to steep slopes. (larger picture)


The next target is the extraordinary beautiful peak Spitzmandl. The path is just as spectacular and lovely as it looks. (larger picture)


Once again, a very beautiful peak... (larger picture)


On the Spitzmandl, 2206 m. (larger picture)


A look back on Saile from Spitzmandl. You can see parts of the path winding down the mountain. (larger picture)


The trail between Spitzmandl and Pfiemerswand has a short steeper passing with wire, the only one on this trip. It means no big difficulties. (larger picture)
At the last peak of the day, Pfiemerswand 2103 m. It really isn´t much more than a rigde going out from Saile with little prominence. Since this top is easily reachable from Birgitzköpfhaus there are now some tourists again. (larger picture)