St. Soleibotntind 2083 m.


St. Soleibotntind is in Hurrungane, the south part of Jotunheimen. You can reach the mountain from the road between Övre Årdal and Turtagrø, where you can park at 1200 m. Here the road is seen from about 1350 m. (larger picture)


In the other direction is st. Soleibotntind. You climb along the rigde that can be seen at the right side of the peak. On the way up I try to go around the snowfields. (larger picture)


Up at almost 2000 m altitude. The peak of Augustabotntindane, 2204 m, is in clouds now. (larger picture)


A look at the northwest. You can catch a glimpse of Josterdalsbreen in the distance. (larger picture)


There is a lot of snow on the mountains. The picture is taken towards the southwest. (larger picture)


At the peak, 2083 m. Apart from the clouds, cold, stormgusts and rain everything is ok. (larger picture)


On the way down I go straigt over the snowfields, witch saves a lot of time. You can walk much faster than jumping from rock to rock. I wouldn´t mind a couple of skees... (larger picture)


A look at the northeast and Steindalsnosi. (larger picture)


Now the weather is really turning ugly. I hurry down the last bit and reaches my car just as the rain starts to pour. The whole trip took less than 4.5 hours. (larger picture)