Jordalsnuten 937 m, Vardanosi 1294 m.


Jordalsnuten in the middle, seen from Nærøydalen close to Gudvangen. Quite an impressive mountain. (larger picture)


You go by car a little bit up into Jordalen, through two tunnels. It is steep uphill and the parking is at 435 m. I help a flock of cows, who have lost there way into the tunnel, to get out of there with my carlight. They later thank me by licking at my car while I am on the mountain. (larger picture)


The trail can be hard to find. You go through the forest steep uphill to a sadelpoint at 830 m. From here you can see Jordalsnuten with some 100 altitude meters left. (larger picture)


The summit of Jordalsnuten, 937 m (my GPS says 944 m). (larger picture)


The wiew down Nærøydalen is breathtaking. The picture can only give a hint of how beautiful this is. (larger picture)


At some places it looks as if someone has used a huge knife and carved out the valley. Well, the ice did... (larger picture)


About 30 km to the southwest you can see the characteristic mast on the top of Lønahorgi, 1410 m close to Voss. (larger picture)


A small waterfall in Nærøydalen. (larger picture)


The trail goes back to the sadelpoint and up towards Vardanosi. Here is a look back towards Jordalsnuten. (larger picture)


Running water, an excellent time to refill the waterbottles. (larger picture)


About halfway up towards Vardanosi Jordalsnuten looks like this. (larger picture)


There is a lot of snow on the mountains. (larger picture)


The slopes towards Vardanosi are rather steep at some places (this is not the steepest) and some scrambling is needed. (larger picture)
The peak is on a relatively flat area and rather insignificant. Here is no cairn or anything. In the background, a little to the right is Solbjørgonipa, 1465 m. (larger picture)