Gaustatoppen 1882m.


Our starting point is the parking place at Svineroi, 1020 m. There are low stratus clouds a bit up on Gausta. (larger pictures)


The Gausta top is covered by a permanent orographic cloud all day, caused by moist and wind. (larger picture)


The colors of the mountain get extreme at this time of year. (larger picture)


Upwards, upwards. (larger picture)


Gausta is conciderably higher than the surrounding mountains, and they soon look small. (larger picture)


Dramatic wiews as we appraoach the cloudbase. (larger picture)


A group coming into the cloud at a little more than 1600 m. (larger picture)


At the top cabin, at 1850 m. Coming into the heat eating waffles feels really good. This mountain has the best view in Norway, you can see one sixth of Norway from here. But this is of no help to us right now. (larger picture)
  From the cabin you pass along a ridge for some 15 minutes to the main top at 1883 m. Her you find the only tricky places to pass. But as long as you don´t fall down it´s ok. (larger picture)