Sulzkogel, 3016 m.


As you start from Kühtai, on 2000 m, Sulzkogel is a relatively acesssable 3000-meter with "only" 1000 altitude meters. An uncomplicated walk also contributes. (larger picture)


You soon realize from where Kühtai got its name. (larger picture)


The path first goes to the dam wall of Speicher Finstertal. To the right of the picture is Zwölferkogel, 2988 m. (larger picture)


Kühtai seen from Speicher Finstertal. It takes about 1 hour to climb the 300 altitude meters to the wall. (larger picture)


In the other direction, the dam with Zwölferkogel, and Sulzkogel behind a little to the left. (larger picture)


The path continues around the dam and after that the real climb begins. (larger picture)


It´s mostly rocky, but some beautiful waterfalls can also be seen. (larger picture)


Closer to the top it gets steeper, and the thin air also starts to affect. I see a woman collaps and turn back just some 200 altitude meters from the top. No real problems though, apart from the thin air. The top is in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)


The real reward comes when you reach the top. Extremely clear air with a visibility of 200 km in all directions also helps. I can see the flatland in Germany north of the Alps, Hohe Tauern to the southeast and far into Italy to the south. Also, this is my first 3000-meter, cool! (larger picture)


Looking to the southwest, with Ötztaler alpen and Wildspitze, 3770 m. (larger picture)


To the south, a smaller cross and parts of Stubaier alpen. (larger picture)
Speicher Finstertal seen from the top. (larger picture)