Mairspitze, 2780 m


The walk starts deeply into Stubai valley, on more than 1500 m altitude, close to the Grawa waterfall. First a number of winds higher and higher over the valley. (larger picture)


Higher the alpine world opens up ahead. Here I start to feel where I am heading. (larger picture)


Sulzenaualm on some 1800 m is reached after less than one hour. Above the steep slope is Sulzenauhütte. (larger picture)


Continuing upwards. Risk of falling stones makes you not slow down on the path. (larger picture)


Almost at Sulzenauhütte. A glance back towards Sulzenaualm. (larger picture)


At Sulzenauhütte on 2191 m. I fill up my water bottles and rest for a while before continuing. (larger picture)


After Sulzenauhütte comes a fairly easy walk up to Grünausee, on 2328 m. (larger picture)


At Grünausee, an emeraldgreen pearl right below the large glaciers of Hochstubai. Time for a cup of tea and a sandwich. (larger picture)


On the way to the top of Mairspitze. Over Grünausee you can see the glacier Wilder Freigerferner. (larger picture)


Intrerresting, steeper climb just before the top. The wire is really needed to hold along the winding path, as the slope is almost vertical. (larger picture)


Wilder Freiger, 3418 m, seen from the top of Mairspitze. (larger picture)


Mairspitze (vorgipfel) 2780 m, is reached after 4 hours. In the background the Stubai valley. (larger picture)
Zuckerhütl, 3505 m, The highest peak in the Stubai Alps. (larger picture)