Rondslottet 2178 m
Vinjeronden 2044 m
Pictures by Peter Söderström
From the starting point at about 1000 m there is first 6 km of light walking to Rondvassbu. (larger picture)
The autoumn colors has started on the highlands. (larger picture)
A short pause. (larger picture)
Arriving at Rondvassbu, 1170 m altitude. (larger picture)
After Rondavassbu the real climbing of the mountain begins. First a shorter steep climb... (larger picture)
After that about 4 km of easy climb in to the valley up to 1500 m altitude. (larger picture)
Then it gets steep and stony. Robert takes a short pause on the way to the top of Vinjeronden. (larger picture)
Arriving at the first peak, Vinjeronden, 2044 m altitude. In the background you can see Rondslottet. (larger picture)
The route from Vinjeronden to Rondslottet provides some spectacular cliff formations. (larger picture)
Steep, steep... (can you see us?) (larger picture)
At last on the peak of Rondslottet, 2178 m altitude. You need some fitness to walk this route in one day. Long distance, high altitude gain and all the stones are demanding. One alternative is to spend a night in Rondvassbu. (larger picture)