Brunnsteinspitze 2180m, Bavaria july 2005
Rotwandlspitze 2192m

Brunnsteinspitze and Rotwandlspitze is the mountain to the right in the picture. Here is the starting point for me. The valley is on 900 m altitude. (larger picture)

On 1300 m, or 400 m over the valley. The wiew is already getting fantastic. (larger picture)

At Brunnsteinhütte on 1520 m altitude. Time for a well earned pause and something to eat. (larger picture)

Continuing upwards. On about 1800 m the air is clearly getting thinner, and the path smaller. (larger picture)

At Tirolerhütte on 2140 m after some 4 hours. Only 50 meters in altitude left to the first peak, Rotwandlspitze. (larger picture)

(larger picture)

A wiew back to where I came from. In the valley you can see the town Mittenwald. (larger picture)

Tirolerhütte seen from the peak Rotwandlspitze, 2192 m. In the background the Karwendel mountains with peaks up to 2400 m. (larger picture)

On the other way is Brunnsteinspitze, 2180 m. The path goes over the ridge and is in fact easier than it looks. But you can´t be afraid of heights. (larger picture)

Over at Brunnsteinspitze. Feels good, now it´s only a matter of getting down again... (larger picture)

The king of the mountain. (larger picture)